Different Uses of Throw Pillows Today

Instantly revive a room by occasionally changing your throw pillows. Wild patterns, trendy styles, and contemporary designs are only some of the many options you have for your throw pillows. Pillows play a fun role in Interior Design. They are quick and inexpensive tools for making the room stand out or highlight a piece of furniture. Pillows have been making quite an impact to rooms as they offer unlimited effects to home interiors.

Throw pillows are more than just simple cushions to make the seats look and feel more comfortable. There are in fact a lot of ways to use the pillows other custom throw pillows than placing it on the couch for back support. Today, creative stylists are able to make use of throw pillows as art.

Pillows can be used to feature an art work of your favorite artists or even your own. These can be seen in homes with open plans and are glass-walled. Since there are not enough space to hang art paintings and other decorative pieces meant for hard walls, pillows that feature hand-painted art from famous designers can be great decorative pieces. Aside from portability, one other advantage of custom stickers having your art on a pillow is that you save a solid wall from having hideous holes should you decide to take down the art piece.

You can decorate your home according to the season. With so many pillow covers and accessories available in the market, you can turn your home into a festive place with season-inspired pillow cover designs. It’s one of the most convenient ways to do a quick home makeover. Zipper closures are often included in pillow covers which allow for easy laundry. You can also put one pillow cover over another should you prefer a transparent look. You may achieve this by putting on a lighter-colored cover and a thinner one over a dark-colored pillow cover. Lightweight silks with a slight sheen can capture light and create a beautiful room atmosphere.

You can combine different fabrics as what most professional interior designers do. This creates a layered look and a more sophisticated feel. Traditional homes often prefer decorative pieces that go with the theme and make of the house, so traditionally themed pillow covers that feature symmetry, pairs, and balance are a perfect fit. Minimalists, on the other hand, prefer contemporary designs that are not too busy on the eyes. Solid plain colors are often seen in most contemporary homes.

Metallic pillows are best combined with dupioni silks that are rich in texture. They create a clean look and are versatile enough to act as a decorative piece in almost any room themes. Lumbar pillows or pillows that are rectangular in shape are currently the most popular throw pillows as they are known for their versatility in use.


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